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Search our .NET job opportunities below. We have contract and permanent jobs, from mid-level through to senior level, across the Netherlands. Improve your job search by uploading your CV with us here and we’ll give you a call to find out what you are looking for, so we can match you directly with our jobs.

Our team are experts in .NET and IT development recruitment, helping to place skilled professionals into both permanent and contract positions with our broad range of clients across the Netherlands.

Through our team in Rotterdam, we not only have a good understanding of the skills and experience needed to succeed as a C# or .Net Developer, but we also offer personalised career advice to help guide you through the whole hiring process.

Whether you’re searching for a site-based, remote or hybrid job opportunity, we can help match you with the right job to suit your career goals. 

.NET roles we recruit for

We work regularly on a variety of C# and .Net jobs including:

  • C#/.NET Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Product Owner
  • Database Expert

What are top .NET skills employers look for?

The popular .NET framework provides programming guidelines that require a variety of skills to apply when building a career in it. Some of the top skills our clients are looking in experienced .NET developers include: 

  • Front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Refactoring skills are important when improving code.
  • Programming languages, with the most popular being C#, VB.NET, PHP, C++, J#, F#, Iron Ruby, and Python.
  • Databases like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Cosmos DB, and Microsoft SQL server are good. If you are also able to work with systems such as the Entity Framework, this will make you even more sought after by potential employers.
  • Data security skills are important to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
  • ASP.NET MVC allows a .NET developer to control every function of an application.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform is valuable.

As well as the above hard skills, there are many soft skills an employer will look for in a developer including good communication, reasoning and analytical skills. Some may also ask for Microsoft certifications such as MTA, MCSA and MCSD. 

The benefits of working in .NET

The .NET framework has become an essential component of modern software development, providing programmers with a powerful set of tools for building robust and scalable applications. Some of the benefits of working in .NET include: 

  • .NET developers continue to be in high demand, especially within finance, healthcare and government. As a result, salaries and pay rates remain hight to reflect the demand for skills. The average base salary in the Netherlands for an experienced .NET developer is currently between €49k - €69k according to payscale.com.
  • As a .NET developer you can enjoy cross-platform development meaning your work is more accessible, cost effective, easier to maintain, whilst reducing development time.
  • .NET is one of the largest and most active in the IT development community. Developers have access to a wealth of documentation and resources as well as online forums giving help and advice, making it a great community to collaborate with and share knowledge. 
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Search 14 jobs